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Administrative Excellence for a
21st Century Courthouse

Thank you for visiting my campaign website. I hope you will take a moment to find out more about my qualifications for the office of District Clerk and what I hope to accomplish for the citizens and taxpayers of Dallas County.

In addition to holding a Masters in Business Administration, I have thirty years of experience in the management of non-profit corporations and public sector administration. I will use my experience and education as your District Clerk to improve organizational efficiency, financial accountability, employee work product and customer service.

I am a lifelong Democrat and have been active in supporting Democratic candidates and building the local party. I have served as a Democratic Precinct Chair and election judge for many years and have been a delegate to both the Senatorial and State Democratic Convention.

I served as a legislative constituent services liasion for ten years connecting economically impacted citizens with public and private resources to meet their immediate needs. In that capacity I learned the importance of spending tax dollars wisely and efficiently to ensure those resources are always available. I will bring that spirit of public service to the office of District Clerk.

Please take a moment to review my professional qualifications and past service to the community. I believe Dallas County taxpayers want the most from their tax dollars. As your District Clerk, I will work to bring new efficiencies by building a state-of-the-art, 21st Century courthouse. Your support in the Democratic Primary on Saturday, March 4, 2014 will be greatly appreciated.

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