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Administrative Excellence for a
21st Century Courthouse

Thank you for visiting my campaign website. I hope you will take a moment to find out more about what I've accomplished for the citizens and taxpayers of Dallas County over the course of my first term in office.

I believe Dallas County taxpayers want to get the most from their tax dollars. That's why my administration's top priority is building the infrastructure for a truly 21st Century courthouse to make our customer service all that it can be.

Under my predecessor, the district clerk made a wealth of court information freely available to the public. Doing so has made the office a national leader in transparency and document access. As important as that is, I believe the office did not do enough to prevent the online dissemination of sensitive information contained in those records.

I worked closely with the Dallas County Commissioners Court to identify more than $300,000 in funds for a project to electronically redact sensitive information from records available online. As that project is developed over a two year period, I made the tough decision to restrict access to the records of the Family Courts from online public access. That decision was not popular with some, but I strongly believe that government should do all it can to prevent the most private and personal information of our children from being freely available online. I also believe that victims of sexual assault should not be re-victimized by inappropriate access to the details of their cases.

Democrats expect their elected officials to make tough decisions to protect our communities and serve the public interest. As your district clerk, I have embraced that challenge and I believe the most vulnerable of our citizens and neighbors are safer because of it.

After 26 years of moribund Republican stewardship, new Democratic leadership in 2008 began moving the district clerk's office into the 21st Century. Since that time, the office has been completely transformed. I am looking forward to keeping that momentum going for another four years and would be greatly honored by our support in the Democratic Primary once again on Saturday, March 3, 2018.

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