Felicia’s Commitment to Customer Service

Felicia Pitre was elected to the office of Dallas County District Clerk in November, 2014. She was sworn in on January 1st, 2015 as the first African-American to ever hold the office, and the first African-American woman to be elected to a county-wide administrative position. Felicia has brought decades of experience in non-profit and public service management to the office. Her no-nonsense approach to management and business ethic eliminated a persistent backlog in citation processing, electronic filing of cases, and appellate records enhancing customer service to the attorney community, litigants and the public.

Felicia Puts the Taxpayers First

Felicia has made reducing unnecessary costs and streamlining operations her first priority. After taking office in 2015, she hit the ground running and within weeks identified existing county resources to house the office’s microfilm records saving tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars annually in rental and maintenance fees.

Felicia also discovered a back-log of criminal forfeiture billing stretching back almost a decade. Tens of the thousands of dollars payable to Dallas County taxpayers were uncollected with no plan in place to recover the funds. Felicia worked closely with the Dallas Police Department, the District Attorney and her management team to develop a procedure for collecting those funds. After a year of work, the office is now nearly up-to-date.

Felicia is Protecting Our Most Vulnerable Neighbors

Never before have so much personal information been available to the public on the world wide web. Felicia believes that the district clerk has a duty to protect the privacy and safety of the most vulnerable litigants - our children. That’s why Felicia took the unprecedented step of shielding Family court records from online public access. Felicia worked closely with the Dallas County Commissioners Court to identify $200 thousand in funds to auto-redact sensitive information from the records of the Family Courts. That project is scheduled for completion in the fall of 2018.

Felicia knows the importance Dallas County citizens place on the integrity of criminal convictions and the damage wrongful convictions has caused in the lives of too many of our neighbors. She also knows how critical the clerk’s role is in the proper preservation of criminal evidence that has made many exonerations possible. That’s why shortly after taking office, she went to work moving the office’s felony evidence from a location that was subject to flooding to a new secure location.

Felicia is a Leader in Modernizing Public Service Operations

Felicia completed a three year project to completely overhaul and modernize Juvenile Court operations by implementing a new electronic case management system. The implementation of the system provides greater security for confidential juvenile records, electronic filing of pleadings by attorneys, and efficient transmission of information to the courts and juvenile authorities.

The Dallas County District Clerk’s office is proud to have been the first clerk’s office in Texas to offer electronic filing of pleadings in the criminal courts. While all other urban counties were unprepared for the eFiling mandate imposed by the Court of Criminal Appeals, Felicia ensured that her staff was fully trained and ready to serve the public.